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20 Mar 2018


In January, our trim-specialized division, ISA TrimTec, participated again in MUNICH FABRIC START and showcased services of TrimTec at BLUEZONE – the section with independent concept for the denim and sportswear community. Besides our most modern collection of leather & jacron labels that are dedicated for the industry, our sustainable initiatives along with the concept of traceability also attracted increasing attention from participants. Some of our innovative products were chosen by organizer and displayed in the Key House and Trend Forum.

We thank everyone who witnessed our success in this show, and look forward to meeting you in September to present our next brand-new collections.

ISA TanTec was founded in 1995 and currently has 4-ultra modern tanneries located in the USA, Vietnam, China and Italy. In 2016, Navis Capital Partners co-invested with ISA as a strategic partner to support the further growth ambitions of ISA TanTec.
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