We Invest

Investing for the Future

We believe in the future of our industry

Endowed with infinite spirit, we are not only thinking of today, but also cultivating a better tomorrow. People, machinery, processes, assets, strategies and above all, future-oriented mindsets, are orchestrated for ages ahead.

Geographic Diversity

ISA is a Global Leather Group

With 3 state of the art facilities, strategically located in key geographic regions to support local manufacturing, ISA TanTec is able to ship identical leathers anywhere in the world.


Technology trends continue to act as major drivers of social, economic and environmental change

The advanced technologies implemented in every production process are ergonomically correct for our employees. This allows us to be more efficient and further enhance the quality of our products. From raw material to finished product, each tannage is crafted with an innovative mind and unyielding spirit.

Low Impact To the Environment

Environmental & CSR Policy of ISA TanTec

ISA Industrial Ltd. – The Leather Processing Group together with its employees strive to process leather with realization on the LITE(Low Impact To Environment) concept and under the best safety conditions. The prevention of pollution is ensured by maintaining and continually improving the Environmental Management System and complying with laws and regulations.

ISA TanTec was founded in 1995 and currently has 4-ultra modern tanneries located in the USA, Vietnam, China and Italy. In 2016, Navis Capital Partners co-invested with ISA as a strategic partner to support the further growth ambitions of ISA TanTec.
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