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LITE Performance

Leathers in this category bring much needed performance features for today’s functional footwear. They offer protection with waterproofness, washability and breathability.

LITE Fashion

ISA’s fashionable leathers are lightweight, offer beautiful color stories and a wide array of interesting textures and finish applications. These leathers are a perfect fit for women’s as well as men’s.

LITE Lifestyle

Natural looking and easy care, LITE Lifestyle leathers blend all aspects of daily life. A wide range of light weight, burnishable and clean options. Simply the best leathers for dress and casual shoes.

LITE Heritage

Classic looks that stand the test of time, LITE Heritage leathers carry many vintage qualities. Soft yet hard working. Rustic as well as sophisticated. Natural grains and waxed beauty.

Raw Material Warehouse

Raw materials including wet blue hides and chemicals, provided by only approved medal-rated suppliers, are identified and centralized in 9-meter high shelving units for easy access to fulfill our customer order requirements.

Wet Blue Grade Sorting

Each hide produced at ISA TanTec is stamped with the grade and origin. All are processed according to specific customer needs.


In order to create the specific character for each leather type, retanning is the key process. The base tannage, waterproofing, color and other features are created here according to the customers’ specification. Stringent protocol is followed during this process to maintain quality and consistency. All while conserving the environment. All hot water used for retanning is primarily heated with our state of the art Solar System.

Leather Drying

After the retanning stage, all leather can be dried through an array of energy-saving options. Such as: tunnel drying, hang drying, vacuum drying or toggle drying.

Leather Finishing

Leather finishing includes many processes that give the final characteristics to our beautiful products. State of the art applications which reduce chemical waste and air pollution are used to enhance gloss, touch, color and other physical properties.

Quality Inspection

The final quality inspection is done according to world-recognized SATRA standards. This step ensures only qualified products reach the hands of our customers. Each finished side is clearly marked and graded. Tests are also conducted on all finished leather according to set specifications in our SATRA certified laboratories. Further guaranteeing the final product quality and consistency. Discover more:

ISA White Leather

Beautiful white leathers from ISA TanTec are designed based on advanced seasonal, lifestyle and trend analysis in athletic, casual and outdoor styles.

ISA Luxury Leather

The ISA Luxury Collection offers fashionable leathers that are suitable for a wide range of products including handbags, wallets, accessories and leather-goods for both men and women. Our products include various tannages, finishing options and pricing in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Discover more

Discover more

ISA TanTec was founded in 1995 and currently has 4-ultra modern tanneries located in the USA, Vietnam, China and Italy. In 2016, Navis Capital Partners co-invested with ISA as a strategic partner to support the further growth ambitions of ISA TanTec.
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