Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Our Vision

To be the world’s most sustainable material manufacturer, driven by our commitment to the superior quality of products and services, while ensuring the lowest environmental footprint in our supply chain.


Our Mission
Our Mission

Being a global leader in the manufacturing of Next-Gen materials, sustainability is the core of our business. Never do we stay static. We continuously commit ourselves to build a sustainable relationship with:

We make every effort to continually innovate with the aim of exceeding customers’ expectations in quality, consistency, and customer service while conserving the environment and resources in our sustainable-material-making process. Our LITE eco-friendly leathers create added value for our customers. Armed with technological and management know-how, sustainable manufacturing facilities located in close proximity to customers’ factories, strong R&D, and equipment ready for the 4.0 industry evolution, we continuously strive to reach beyond industry standards.

Our LITE Trademark says it all. The LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) concept, established in 2003, defines a higher standard of corporate and environmental sustainability in the leather industry. The LITE system is designed to provide our customers' water, energy, and CO2 savings based on individual leather types. We are consciously fulfilling the legal obligations of environmental protection and social responsibility.

We strive to establish a culture of integrity and share our success with society through a number of programs including donations to the needy and supporting different NGOs. We believe that social development is interdependent with our long-term success.

We aim at performing at the highest level in order to optimize shareholder value.

Under a multinational working environment, with a team of more than 15 nationalities, we encourage open and fair communication from company leaders and peers. A comfortable working environment is insured while hygiene, safety, and good manufacturing practices are audited by third parties on a regular basis. While aligning our employees to work toward our corporate values, outstanding performance is rewarded, both financially and by increased career opportunities.


We together with our affiliated companies are equal opportunity employers. It is our policy that all applicants for employment will be considered regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, handicap, disability, veteran status, genetic or family history information or any other basis of discrimination made unlawful by applicable laws.


It is further the policy of our group to provide a work environment free from harassment on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, handicap, disability, veteran status, or any other unlawful criteria. Any such harassment is contrary to and prohibited by Company policy and will be considered grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

In order to obtain the greatest transparency in our supply chain, we together with our suppliers are dedicated to full traceability, all the way back to the meat processing facility. This also allows our customers to ensure their leather sourcing adheres to the highest standard of animal welfare, ethical and environmentally sustainable practices.