LITE Concept

The concept started with a vision of our company and the requirements from brands to offer environmentally friendly Leather. LITE was born to provide our customers with the knowledge of carbon and water footprint usage for each of the leathers we create; giving customers the ability to choose the product that is the most environmentally-friendly, and with the lowest footprint. The LITE system is fully integrated into our manufacturing process, which is specially designed to reduce and control water and energy usage, as well as to reduce the amount of chemicals we use in the process. The effort we make is consistently minimizing our impact to the environment.

LITE Manufacturing Facilities
Solar System
We make use of renewable solar thermal energy to replace diesel fuel, which is traditionally used to heat up water for the tanning process. 65% of hot water is heated with solar energy.
Wind Energy
We use wind energy to generate green energy which allows rainwater to be pumped from the lagoon into production. 
Bamboo Wall
Rarely seen in traditional tanneries, the use of bamboo walls naturally ventilates the entire production facility with a constant breeze of fresh air to save air condition in hot geographic area.
Rain Lagoon
To limit the impact on the local communities, we minimize the usage of municipal water by the collection of rainwater for production and greenery. Approx. 25,000m3 of rainwater is collected by our lagoon per year.
Natural Light
Opaque light panels used in the ceiling of production floors to maximize the use of natural lighting during the day. During days without sunshine, LED light bulbs are used to illuminate the production floor. This saves more than approx. 2,600 production hours of lighting every year.
Our Engineered Wetlands allow a natural purification process of our wastewater without generating emissions. Our treatment facilities are unique in the industry due to the amount of planning, innovation and investment involved. Each wetland is set up with an automated water level control system for optimal wastewater treatment.
LITE Index
We have been consistently reducing the impact of our leathers and products to the environment
The numbers are showing the lighting hours and water an article will save to make one pair of shoes (2.5 sqft of leather) , comparing to the latest LWG Pass Score (50%) of 67.2 MJ/m2 for energy consumption and 178L/m2 for water consumption.
Environmental Impact


One Pair of Shoes (2.5 sqft)


US Gallons of Water Saved


Lighting Hours Saved
- The thickness of the articles being covered in the calculator is ranged from 1.6mm-2.0mm 
- The above calculator covers the saving data of the top ISA articles in 2018, please kindly contact our dedicated sales representatives for other articles 
- The calculation is made based on the LITE Index Calculation Methodology 
LITE Sourcing
Humanely raised and handled
Traceability by lot to the farm or ranch
Raised without antibiotics or added hormones
Transparency in supply chain
Ethical and environmentally sustainable

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Restricted Substances List (RSL)

Our Restricted Substance List (RSL) is an integral part of our commitment to product safety. As one of the world’s largest leather manufacturers, we continue to make significant investments into the ongoing research of chemicals that are known or suspected to be harmful to the environment. In order to guarantee best practices, we have built our own “ISA Restricted Substance Management System”. This includes a comprehensive database with all of the chemicals we believe could be problematic in the future.