Leather Laces, Shoe Cut Parts, Leather Trims & Luxury Leather

We acquired Auburn Leather in 2018. Since 1863, five generations of leather craftsmanship have cultivated the authenticity required to produce the finest quality leather lace. Auburn laces are now manufactured in our facilities using the same proprietary processes, hides, chemicals and equipment to ensure the uniqueness of Auburn’s leather laces continues for customers.

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Genuine Auburn Leather Lace

CutTec makes use of an automated cutting system in order to offer standardized solutions for shoe cut parts. We manage the entire process, from digitalizing patterns and defining quality areas, marking defects, quality grading and auto nesting, to automatic cutting and stitching marks. Our innovative pattern and defect recognition software allows CutTec to provide further value in the supply chain for leather products.

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Shoe Cut Parts

ISA TrimTec specializes in trims for apparel, shoes and bags. It offers a wide assortment of high-quality products from a classic collection of genuine leather patches to a vegan collection of non-leather trims. 

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Leather Trims

Luxury Leather Division offers fashionable leathers including various tannages, finishing options, and pricing with worldwide sales and service support to its new and existing handbag customers.

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Luxury Leather