Greener Pastures™

Greener Pastures™
Greener Pastures™

What is Greener Pastures™?


As part of LITE Sourcing, Greener Pastures™ is specifically developed for cattle hides following a strict set of protocols and requirements surrounding animal welfare and traceability:


  • All hides in the program are traceable to the farm or ranch by lot with full transparency and documentation
  • Responsible animal welfare based upon USDA Humane Handling program protocols
  • Raised with no added hormones or antibiotics
  • Animals are fed a 100% vegetarian diet without animal by-products

 To download the Greener Pastures™ Protocol 


Featured products of Greener Pastures™:

  • Footwear Leather
  • Luxury Leather


What makes Greener Pastures™ special?


Greener Pastures™ is the key to close the traceability loophole:


  • Enhanced traceability to source
  • Good availability of material to support large scale programs
  • Moderate price premium

 To download “Why Greener Pastures™” for more information 


Chemical Management
Chemical Management

We partner with our suppliers to eliminate or significantly reduce the chemicals that are known or suspected to be harmful from the supply chain, in order to ensure safety and lower environmental impact for all of our products, all of our customers, at all times.

Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging

We are taking steps to sustainable packaging in order to reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint. For example, we have replaced traditional plastic packaging with biodegradable bags, helping us to reduce up to 3.6 tons of plastic from the environment.